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The Modern Healer – Testimonials

Welcome to the testimonial section. Below are just a few comments from people that have received treatments.








Tim Robards – The Bachelor
With my heavy training, I expect a deep and effective remedial massage. Each time, I visited Emeric, he has always been able to find the trigger points, release them and free my body from tensions. Also his energy healing helped me to keep my stress levels down. If you are looking for a fantastic massage therapist and healer, I strongly recommend Emeric.





Diana Terry – Sales consultant 

Your massage is the gift that keeps giving! A deep, thorough massage that breaks down the tension in my body and leaves me floating on air.You have healing hands and a kind soul making our time together healing and more importantly comfortable.Look forward to my next visit!





Mike Pyke – Sydney Swans

I see Emeric when I have to be at my best. His techniques play a big part in relieving stress and helping my body heal




Mimi frecerro

Mimi Freccero – Founder and Director of The Pilates Lounge

I first saw Emeric when I was training a lot, doing a lot of Pilates and other sports.  I was quite tight and sore around the sacrum area. In one session, I felt the release. I walked out feeling so light.  I recently saw Emeric and will continue to do so for my first pregnancy. Again, my first trimester tummy issues felt much better even after the one session. Thanks to your magic hands Emeric! You are a treat and an absolute gem to deal with. I highly recommend you!




Daniella Osiander


Daniella Osiander – Founder and Director at Tonika Health

I am usually very sceptical about ‘energetic healing’. But Emeric has real skill and talent which has helped me profoundly and quickly. I very highly recommend him as an outstanding practitioner.




Swans v Collingwood


Kurt Tippett – Sydney Swans Forward

When I want to be at my competitive best I go and see Emeric. His holistic approach ensures my body feels amazing and my energy levels are optimised.





vanessa 2


Vanessa Forbes – Professional Photograph, Director at Absolute Photography 

I just wanted to thank you for the healings that you have given me over the past couple of months. There has been such a powerful shift each time you’ve worked on me and the shift seems to have lasted. Many thanks for helping me to move forward so much more easily in my life, you’re an absolute gem.




Jan herdman
Jan Herdman – Founder Beauty Health and Fashion Club I suffer from stress induced back pain and digestive disturbances. I have previously treated this with chiropractic work but lately have had a new pain in my left hip which did not respond. I had heard of myotherapy and booked in to see Emeric. The relief from my aches and digestive disturbances was immense, as was the increase in energy. I have recommended Emeric to all of my family and friends.






Dr Katrina Wong, Chiropractor

I have had the pleasure of Emeric’s treatment over the past 6 months and can strongly attest to the effectiveness of his work. I had suffered from lower back pain and lack of energy. After just the first session, I felt a marked improvement in the state of my back as well as my energy levels. Emeric has an innate ability to find stressed areas in the body, be it muscle or organ, and go above and beyond the usual remedial massage. I now go to him for deep tissue massage and energy work, and could not speak more highly of him. After searching for the right fit, I can confidently say that he is one of the best therapists in Sydney for what he does, and the care he takes to solving whatever ailments you have definitely pays off. 



tiffanyTiffany Sharp McDonald –  Naturopath, Founder and Director at Epiphany Health.

Being in a holistic field, I have experienced most therapies however I found Emeric’s session to be unique in that I experienced a tangible, measurable and physical response during the session. This is rare in some modalities as you usually have to believe in the energy practitioner to relay what has occurred rather than feeling it for yourself. I find this point alone quite exceptional and highly recommend Emeric’s knowledge and practice. I also found him to be personable, professional with a caring ease that able him to convey a sense of trust and safety in a warm and friendly manner.


Rachel wordenRachel Worden

I had the pleasure of seeing Emeric at the end of 2013, to assist me fertility issues I’d be having. I only had 3 lovely, relaxing sessions, and I fell pregnant so can’t recommend him highly enough! Before going down the more medical route I would advise any mum’s to be to have a few sessions with Emeric, just find out if there is something he can do to assist first. The treatments are no invasive and very chilled.





Sylvia Della Vedova

Emeric is an incredible healer, i have bern seeing him for the past year, he has helped me recover from bells palsy and various emotional and physical blockages, i highly recommend him and i am very grateful for all of his help!




More testimonials below :


Emotional cleansing
Jo Sennit – Feng Shui Consultant, Director at Younity
From the very first time I met Emeric, I felt comfortable with him. His gentle nature and strong healings have been a god sent. I remember one healing, I walked in to his treatment room in tears. After just one hour with Emeric working on certain organs, I walked out with a genuine smile on my face and a new sense of freedom. I thank you Emeric with all my heart for your light and love that you have shared with me.

Adrenal stress and grounding

Felicity Wheeler
I love seeing Emeric for energy healing sessions. I often turn up for sessions with a big bundle of stress, or a big load of sadness, and I know that at the end of the session, I will be balanced and grounded again. Emeric is gentle and patient as he works with you, and also accurate and focused as he addresses the particular issues of each session. I am often amazed at how fundamentally different I feel after a session – working at an energetic level can completely shift my whole outlook on life. I have seen Emeric over several years for adrenal stress, depression, a bad back, twisted ankle, sore eyes, sad heart, lack of direction and low energy. I always leave a session feeling better and the positive effects continue to unfold for weeks after the actual session. Emeric is supportive, understanding, knowledgeable and professional, and I find great benefit in my sessions with him.

Chronic back and hip pain

Michel Bean
I’ve lived with chronic pain since I was 8, so about 37years. For about 21 of those years I went to a Chiropractor usually once, but up to three times a week, sure I’d get a couple of days relief but I never felt anything was being fixed and I personally felt some of the manipulations were harsh; especially when I was tense. I respect that Chiropractor may suit some people, and it did get me through whilst I was looking for something else. I tried a million other options, mainly Dr things to no avail, but I won’t bore you with that! The energy work that Emeric does, I feel permanently moves forward, getting more to the core of the issue, and not just a temporary relief from the pain. The balances not only help relieve pain, they also help relieve fatigue and worry.

Bowel and indigestion pain
Lyanna Doyle
I started to see Emeric due to a re-occurring bowel problem which had plagued me for the past few years. I was astounded at the power of his treatment which has led to lasting results for my health and well-being. Emeric’s work comes from his heart which coupled with his knowledge and skill in healing makes for a wonderful experience.

Chronic neck pain
Aline Jaeckel
Emeric’s skills and attentiveness have been tremendously helpful in treating neck pain. He creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere and I always feel fully relaxed after the treatment. I have highly recommended him to several friends.

Knee pain
Susan Traurig
I have been seeing Emeric for the past year for massage and healing therapy.  I started after bilateral knee surgery.  His treatment has reduced my pain levels.  I will continue to see Emeric for massage and healing.