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Sliding doors, poetry and senses

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Sliding doors, poetry and senses

May 26, 2014 Blog 0

07.30am. The sun is piercing through the curtain and slowly warming up your feet. Outside, tradies are knocking down the neighbour’s wall. You hit the snooze button for the 5th time. You get out of bed like a zombie. Your homemade smoothie doesn’t taste anything like the one you had at that cool cafe in Surry Hills the other day. In the sink, some crumbles of your last piece of gluten free toast. No time to yell at your flatmate sleeping on the sofa still drunk from last night. You rush outside, grab a piece of banana bread while the barista brews your favourite coffee. You quickly hand a $10 note, spill some coffee on your jacket, and jump in the bus. Your right hand wipes the stain while your left hand checks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your email. Your boss is hassling you about the deadline for this new project. A mild headache is rising from the stress and the coffee. It’s only 8.20am. You close your eyes. No time to take a deep breath. The bus just stopped on George St. Another day in paradise, you say to yourself.

07.30am. You finish meditating and keep feeling the warmth of the sun warming your face. You smile. Next door, the builders start working. The noise does not faze you. In the kitchen, you look carefully at all the ingredients: bananas, rice milk, honey, and wheat germ. You think about that great cafe in Surry Hills with the cool atmosphere, the chilled music… Your intuition tells you to try today’s smoothie with peanut butter. Best smoothie ever! Your stomach is happy and full. No need for the extra piece of toast. You write a note saying ‘buy gluten free toast’ and stick it on your flatmate’s head, who is sleeping on the couch, still drunk. The barista has already prepared your favourite coffee. It is waiting for you on the bench. You smile at him and wonder when he is going to ask you out. On the bus, you rest your head on the window, close your eyes and feel the sun warming your face. This feeling takes you back to your meditation this morning:sitting quietly, feeling the warmth of your heart, letting love fill every part of your being, breathing gently, letting your intuition flow throughout your whole body. The bus stops.It’s 8.20am.You calmly walk to work.

In today’s society, living simply has become an art. Too often, we get lost in details. When the mind starts functioning, usually when we wake up, we fill it with ideas, concepts, fears, desires, worries, plans. Quickly, it becomes cluttered and when full, we hold on to our ideas, opinions and refuse to let them go. This is when we get lost in the details of life. The Heart has an incredible power.      Its warmth has the ability to melt and soften our minds.This process is done by opening a specific energy into our hearts called Shen in Chinese Medicine. Its meaning is to stretch, extend and express. When opened, we gain access to the virtues of the Heart: love, compassion, honesty, understanding, vision… Charlotte Bronte perfectly understood this energy when she wrote in her poem Evening Solace “The human heart has hidden treasures. In secret kept, in silence sealed”.

buddhaLove2When this energy arises in our bodies, it brings changes into our life. With change comes transformation. With transformation comes openness. With openness comes simplicity. Simplicity brings the ultimate sophistication into our life: beauty. Therefore life becomes a journey again. A journey within us, within our beauty that leads to a life well lived, a life full of experience and the feeling of being alive. When the heart has fully opened our senses, we start to see things we have never seen before. The poetry hiding in flowers, the beauty concealed in people, the love that surrounds us every day. “The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” said the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. This awakening of the senses is done through the awakening of the Heart. Let’s not forget that we only see what our heart feels. The more our hearts are open, the more we can feel, see and experience life and its magic. Our job is to do our best to keep our hearts open and its energies flowing so we can experience the magic of life everyday. The Pure Heart Meditation can help us with it. Stay tuned, I will post it in the next blog !

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With love and happiness – Emeric Israel