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The Pure Heart Meditation

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The Pure Heart Meditation

June 22, 2014 Blog 0

The Pure Heart Meditation

Meditation helps us connect with ourselves, find answers, relax and heal our bodies, balance our hormones, stop worrying, surrender to love, forgive, feel the divine within us, let go, feel good enough, be at one with the universe, trust, be less scared, give up anger, find true love, let go of traumas, release shame, help express our true self and so much more…

To feel and experience the virtues & qualities listed above, we do not need to swallow pills, there is no need for a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, there is no need to become a monk and isolate yourself in a monastery and no need to go to on pilgrimage to India. All you need, lies within you, in your heart. 

An Indian proverb says that God concealed the secret of the universe where man will never look: his heart. I have found this proverb, through my own personal experiences as well as through observing the experiences of others. Our mind, “yang” and active by nature, has a tendency to look outwardly for answers, comfort, support and love. 

Meditation allows us to use the feminine aspect of our mind, the “yin” energy, to look within us and find answers. When we connect and let the feminine energy flow, the Heart will naturally open (the Heart is more yin & feminine by nature) and we will then be able to experience its virtues and wisdom.

To do so, I have designed a simple meditation that will help you tap into the energy of the Heart. If practiced regularly, the effects can be felt rapidly !

The Pure Heart Meditation – 6 steps meditation

The best time to practice The Pure Heart Meditation is in the morning when you first wake up. If this is not possible, you can also do it before you go to bed at nightAJH_0295

1/ Find a comfortable position

It does not matter if your back is not straight. You do not have to be a Buddha or a yogi, just be comfortable 🙂

2/ Close your eyes

From the moment you close your eyes, your thoughts will instantly start running through your head. To help relax your mind, consider your thoughts as passing clouds of the mind: they come and go, some bring sunshine, some bring rain. If your mind is too busy, feel your breath for a few minutes and feel the rhythm. It will act as an anchor on your mind and will slow it down.

3/ Relax your body

A couple of tips to help relax yourself :

Make sure your hands are loose and relaxed. The hands are the reflective zone of the Heart so the more relaxed your hands are, the more relaxed your Heart will be. As well, do not allow yourself to feel guilty for taking the time for sitting and doing “nothing”

4/ Feel the love

Find a thought that brings bliss, joy or happiness into your heart. Not just a happy thought but
one that is going to make your heart melt and liquify ! When I first started meditating, I struggled for days before finding a good thought which was pure bliss to my heart. A friend told me to use my cat as each time I was talking about her, a big smile would appear on my face. To this day, my cat continues to be my blissful thought (see my previous post “Dharma, Cats and Love”)

Emeric Israel quote

5/ Surrender to love

Play with your blissful thought for 5 minutes in your head. If the thought is powerful enough, a genuine smile will appear on your face. A smile is a good indicator that your heart is opening. After a few minutes, let the thought fall into your heart. To do that, simply surrender to the feeling of love and bliss. It will naturally find your heart.

6/ Do nothing

Once the bliss has entered your heart, you will feel your heart beat, a movement of expansion into your chest, tingling into your hands, and an increase in positive emotions. This means your Heart has opened. Stay present and aware of this feeling in your body. The natural movement of the Heart is toward love and expansion so the feeling will keep growing. If you are getting distracted at any time during this process, bring your attention back to your breath to re anchor your mind (Step 2), return back to your blissful thought and let it fall, once again, into your heart.

I hope you enjoy this meditation. I have created a PDF version so you can download or print it : The Pure Heart Meditation

If you have any questions, struggles or challenges, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Modern Healer website

With Love & Happiness

Emeric Israel