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Remedial and Sports massage

Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Energy Healing

Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy helps to prevent and relieve injuries, muscle spasm through deep tissue massage, specific stretches, joint mobilisation and a variety of muscular releases. Over the years, Emeric has been working along osteopaths ( DO Bruce Land – Sydney Osteopathy) , doctors ( Nick Bassal – Wholistic Medical Centre), chiropractors (Dr Katrina Wong – Health Space) and professional sports team such as Sydney FC, Penrith Panters and Sydney Swans.


Remedial and Sport massage

Benefits from Sports Massage
It reduces the risk of injury, alleviates soreness after training, decreases recovery time and can also help after exercise and training to flush lactic acid and uric acid out of the muscles and reset the muscle fiber lengths. Through the use of hands-on techniques to your muscles, massage aims to increase flexibility and decrease pain.

Who Sports Massage is for ?
This treatment is specifically tailored to injuries and is beneficial to anyone that exercises, from the general public even if it is only light exercise such as regular walking, through to the elite athlete.

What can be treated ?
An area of special interest to Emeric in his practice is treating chronic pain, trauma and injuries such as :

Sport injuries knee

Chronic pain

Chronic thoracic & lumbar pain
Hip pain & sciatica
Chronic knee pain
Neck pain & whiplash
Chronic knee pain
Frozen shoulder
Wrist & repetitive strain injuries

These treatments are specially tailored if you have a longstanding complaint and are interested in trying an effective approach in treating difficult cases.