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Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Energy Healing

Emeric works with various and effective modalities to help restoring health and wellbeing in the body. As a Remedial Massage & Sports Therapist, Emeric releases specific muscles to help the body to increase blood and oxygen flow to restore function and release toxins and soreness. He also uses Myotherapy which focuses on the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies. Using a combination of acupressure and massage techniques, it allows the body to return to an unrestricted and balanced state. It treats the body as a whole freeing up blockages and balancing the muscle groups so that all movements are unrestricted, working in harmony with the rest of the body. To guarantee consistent and fast results when it comes to chronic pain, Emeric uses Scenar Therapy (Bio-feedback medical device). This allows him to accurately clear blockages in the nervous system of the body. 

“Your massage is the gift that keeps giving! A deep, thorough massage that breaks down the tension in my body and leaves me floating on air.You have healing hands and a kind soul making our time together healing and more importantly comfortable. Looking forward to my next visit ! ” Diana Terry

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Passionate about the energy body, Emeric is also qualified as  a Visceral Manipulation, Senior AcuEnergetics practitioner ( Energy Medicine ) and Reiki Level 1 which enables him to clear blockages and imbalances in the energy system by placing his hands off or on the body to accurately feel blockages and tensions in the body and organs. If needed, Emeric also treats the organs/viscera and their connective tissues to improve and restore their function

I love seeing Emeric for energy healing sessions. I often turn up for sessions with a big bundle of stress, or a big load of sadness, and I know that at the end of the session, I will be balanced and grounded again. Emeric is gentle and patient as he works with you, and also accurate and focused as he addresses the particular issues of each session. I have seen Emeric over several years for adrenal stress, depression, a bad back, twisted ankle, sore eyes, sad heart, lack of direction and low energy. Felicity Wheeler

To know more about the treatments, click on the picture below: