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Dharma, Cats and Love

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Dharma, Cats and Love

May 20, 2014 Blog 0

In 2007, I remember sitting on a cushion in a strange cross-legged position, diligently closing my eyes and trying desperately to quieten my mind. For weeks, I tried to meditate. For weeks, I failed. As soon as I would sit and shut my eyes, my mind would wonder, taking my thoughts on a roller-coaster ride. At first, I would think of holidays, listen to the birds singing outside, think of my next movie, my desired life. After those pleasant distractions, my mind would go back to what it knew best…fear.

Relationship, family, career, love, life and health, were all on the roller-coaster and were all going down hill and at a very fast pace. At that point in time, my ability to focus was nil and meditation was a waste of time. However, as the universe always conspires to lead you to your truth, one morning whilst sitting, trying yet again to meditate, Fossette, my cat, appeared in my thoughts. Another distraction, I thought to myself. I soon realised I was wrong.

While I was sitting, imagining her yawning and stretching, a large smile came over my face and my mind suddenly stopped thinking. For the next 10 minutes, I was still, focused and calm. Not a single question distracted me, nor any fear. For 10 minutes, I had the mind of a Buddha…quiet but receptive, still but dynamic, empty but filled with love.

F.Nietzsche said “All things are subject to interpretation”. For the first time, I consciously realised and felt things through the interpretation of love, pure love as the love we carry for our pets is sincere, pure and innocent and therefore, very powerful when it comes to melting our hearts. After this realisation, for the next few weeks I would keep distracting myself with that feeling of pure love at the beginning of each meditation. Love was my drug, Fossette my supplier. Everyday, my mind became increasingly quieter and by being less noisy, I could finally hear the music of my heart.

An old pic of mine hanging with the gang !

An old pic of mine hanging with the gang !

I was happier, less angry and frustrated, less worried about things and was feeling a sense of purpose in my life. More importantly, I was finding trust! Why no one has ever told us that trust was found in our hearts rather than outside of it ? I decided then to leave the corporate world to become a healer…

My curiosity and desire to know more about meditation and its connection with the heart has led me to study old Chinese, Buddhist, Jewish, Zen, Sufi texts for the past 7 years.

I also went on sitting for an hour every day and have created a meditation which helps us to better connect with the energy of the heart, I call it “The Pure Heart Meditation”. I have shared this mediation technique with many of my patients and I have also been lucky enough to witness their physical and emotional transformation. I will share this with you all in a future post.

Thanks for reading this first post. Hope you enjoyed it ! If you did, feel free to share it with friends and also like our page.  With love and happiness – Emeric Israel