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Broken mirror

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Broken mirror

December 9, 2014 Blog 0

Bing Wright captured this image by photographing the reflection of a sunset through a broken mirror. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t help but see the mirror as a reflection of our journey through life.

During our lifetime, we have to face many challenges, trauma, loss of the ones we love, physical pain, hurt, unfair decisions and situations, all of which move us away from infinite love and pure light. Although these times are painful and we would all prefer to avoid them, they are in fact our greatest teachers as we learn and grow from the situations.

Recently I got a splinter stuck into my middle finger, between my nail and the tissue. Trust me it was very painful and I was constantly reminded of this pain as I use my hands daily to treat. I went to the doctor and he told it was going to be difficult to remove it as it went deep into the nail and tissue. In order to remove it, he was going to have to scratch the top of the nail and remove it from there. It would take 40 minutes and would leave me with an open nail / wound. I decided not to do it.

As things always happen for a reason, later that night, I realised the splinter was stuck in my middle finger which represents the heart.Your-pain-is-the As the splinter was causing a constant throbbing pain in my finger I took a moment to reflect on what it meant for me to feel pain in my heart. In that moment, I realised that I had spent my whole life protecting my heart and avoiding feeling emotions in it.

The small splinter managed to penetrate the thick nail which was reflective of the thick walls I had built around my heart and consequently offered me a clear vision into it.

It was like I was standing on top of those walls and looking down through an open window, the window to my heart. The insight into my heart was quite an intense moment. Tears and sadness came up as I realised how much tension I had been holding onto for such a long time as well as the realisation of how my behaviour had been affecting others – not being able to give unconditional love, nor receive love and so many more…


When the storm of realisation passed, a rush of energy flowed into my chest. It felt like a river was washing away all the dust from my heart. The thicks walls started to collapse. At that moment, I felt less scared of opening to love and to myself. I felt closer to pure love.

I then jumped into a warm bath and performed 30 minutes of surgery on my middle finger. The splinter was easily extracted, without any pain. I then took out my phone, called my parents and told them how much I love them which is something I was always afraid of doing. For a moment, the broken mirror was partially fixed and I felt more ready than ever to continue on the amazing journey of life.

PS: thanks to Bing Wright for letting me use his art for the post. You can check his amazing work on

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