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Combining Acupuncture and Massage Therapy is at the core of the Modern Healer clinic

Let me help you restore healing, balance and well-being to live pain-free and fulfil your true potential.

Body – Massage

It all starts with the body and releasing hiw knots and tension to resolve motion



Easing the stress that our minds constantly feels and its intimate  relationship with emotions


Spirit – Vitality

Body and mind reunited, the spirit can shine its natural radiance and move naturally through the body


What happen during  the first session at the Modern Healer clinic ? 

A comprehensive health intake will be conducted discussing health history and a discussion on what you’d like to get out of the session. Then similar to a massage, the treatment will start followed by the insertion of Acupuncture Needles. 


Chinese Medicine is based on the understanding of a vital energy which flow through our mind & body, similar to a river system. When the river flow is obstrtucted, it is the whole ecosystem which is connected to this river which is affected. 



Here’s what some patients have to say about the treatment experience

With my heavy training, I expect a deep and effective remedial massage. Each time, I visited Emeric, he has always been able to find the trigger points, release them and free my body from tensions. I strongly recommend Emeric.

Tim Robards
Chiropracteor & Actor

I just wanted to thank you for the healings that you have given me over the past couple of months. There has been such a powerful shift each time you’ve worked on me and the shift seems to have lasted. You’re an absolute gem.

Vanessa Forbes
Professional Photograph

When I was training a lot, doing a lot of Pilates and other sports, in one session, I felt the release. I walked out feeling so light. Also my first trimester tummy issues felt much better even after the first session. Thanks for your magic hands ! 

Mimi Freccero
Director – The pilates Lounge

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